Our Goal is Black Belt!

K.O. Tae Kwon Do has been serving Concord since 1996. Come join us. Learn Tae kwon do, self defense, and have some fun!
We are closed for spring break
Regular class schedule starts again Saturday April 26
In the Concord Senior Center (across the parking lot from our regular studio)
For one class only.

 Visit us at our NEW studio!  
 2790 Parkside Circle Suite B, Concord, 94519. (In Baldwin Park)
In addition to the new studio we adding 2 new training days per week. We are also proud to announce we will now be hosting the City of Concord Recreation Departments Tae Kwon Do Programs! Click the "Schedules" button for a printable schedule of our new days and hours.
Click here for a map to our new location.
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Our instructors are
Adult/Child/Infant CPR and first aid

Martial Arts Site Awards

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You must know everything up to, and including your current Tae Kwon Do belt at testing time to be eligible to test for your next belt

Be Responsable
Please make sure your taekwondo  uniform is clean and you bring everything (belt, sparring gear, etc.) to every class.

K.O. Tae Kwon Do
is happy to announce big changes for 2014! First is our move to nearby facilities better equipped for teaching and practicing martial arts, this new location offers ample free parking.

 We've also added two additional training days per week for your convenience, With the addition of Wednesday and Friday you will now have more training options!

 With our two new training days we have added additional NEW classes.  for Youth's Adults,  and Families. and even some new Little dragons classes.  Click on the schedule button for a printable schedule of all our available classes, dates and times.


Five new belts awarded

    David Orange, Wonha Orange, Jesus H. Green Advance, Jesus G. Purple Advance,  Diana Blue Advance
Congratulations everyone!

To everyone that competed!

Call for SPRING Special
and discount pricing


First day at the new studio, March 22.
Belt Testing late March or early April.


All ages belt testing was held recently. EVERYONE that tested was promoted. Well done! With every new belt comes additional responsibility. Continue to work hard and help lower belts. Remember to practice at home.
Click here for additional testing photos

Jesus G. and Jesus H.

David and Wonha

Click here for a map to our location

Letter From Master Oliver

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